Ana Hessiem

The eldest daughter of Elizabeth-Annoinette and Rashian


Ana sat in the chair in front of the Deryni council, the room was deafening in its silence. She knew the five members in front of her where talking about her, she could almost sense what was being said. However being a ‘deadhead’ or non active psionic on a island of all psions, did make it a lot quieter for her and difficult growing up. The only one she could ever talk to in her mind was her younger twin brother, Drogma, named after a old family friend. He was off starting his training as a Psion. She however could not be trained here on the islands and was hoping to get off of this island once and for all. And learn a craft herself so she might someday be as respected as either her mother or her aunt.

She glanced over at Bethanne standing in front of the council for once instead of sitting on it as the minister of war. It seemed strange her aunt, a cleric of Demeter, sitting in for her as the warrior of the island. She closed her eyes and opened her mind reaching out for her bother. “Drogma, did you start your training yet?” She felt his surprise as she heard his mind in hers. “What are you doing, your in the council chambers, that is shielded so that no thoughts can enter or leave. I should inform the council of us being able to talk through their barriers.” Inwardly she giggled “That would be no use, everyone on the island calls me a deadhead. And says I will not amount to anything.” She felt his sigh in her mind as he responses “You need to pay attention to what is going on around you sister. I am sure that they will let you off the island to train. You are after all your mother’s daughter, just don’t try to summon any weapons in there or you might not ever get to leave the island. I need to get back to my studies, will think to you later.” She
felt his mind close to her again, she blinked her eyes as she looked around the mostly empty chamber, she knew that the council members had access to living librarians that would remember and bring up any of the information the council asked for. “Are we such a bother to you that you do not even pay attention to us?” A voice from on the council spoke to hear, the words almost seemed to be yelling after the silence. Ana sat up straight and focused on the senior council member. “I am sorry Milord, but not being able to project my thoughts for my requests to this honored council means that I am not aware of all the information that I maybe able to assist with.” She hoped the frog in her throat would go away so she could speak better. “Your mother makes a compelling argument for your leaving the island, even if you can not join the council yourself, due to your fathers blood” She could almost feel the venom in his words, she thought to herself “I dare you to call me a deadhead, I will show you deadhead when I cut your head from your body” The council member continued, “You are free to leave the island, however, be warned that you may not be able to return to the island. Your future depends on your training young Hessiem.” Ana smiled politely at the council and stood to give her mother a hug. “Well then, I guess I had better get packing, I get to travel to the mainland’s and pick my future for myself.”

Special part 1 for Rob only

Ana disembarked from the trading vessel “Lucky Cricket” and looked over the human city, her bother felt farther now than ever and knew that with the distance between them, her thoughts would be harder for him to hear also. For the first time she felt along and quiet on the bustling streets. She approached the Temple of Chauntea, to start her training in its halls. As she entered she was surprised to see a elder cleric of Chauntea speaking with a Cleric of Tempus. The cleric of Tempus spoke as Ana entered “So be it, she is the
first through the door for training, she will train with us.” The cleric of Chauntea slowly nodded her head. “Yes, we agreed that the signs where right for today for you to pick a great leader from our ranks, so she is yours to train.” Ana stood there confused as the
cleric of tempus turned to her ‘I am Conwynn, war priest of Tempus, you will be joining us for training, follow me and don’t get lost." Ana glanced back to the cleric of Chauntea, and seeing her make a motion with her hand to follow and leave she quickly fell in behind Conwynn as he walked to the temple of Tempus. Once there, he turned to her, “The diviners told of a great warrior, hidden in the leaves of Chauntea, to bring forth your greatness you will join the order of Tempus, and together we will bring righteous battle to the realms.”

Ana sat up in her bed covered in sweat, she looked out over the city. She thought to herself seeing the archer she was traveling with, “Why am I dreaming of my past, seeing how I joined the temple of tempus.” In her mind like the slowly rising sun, she began to
think through the problem as she knew her brother would tell her to. After training I went hunting in the woods and found the queen in exile, it felt right to pledge my sword to her Jihad. I know that I may be summoned to a temple of tempus to explain my actions, but I am fighting with honor and duty, so Tempus must be proud. If only I knew why everyone keeps saying “Its fated.” I do not believe in fate, I believe that we make our destinies, they are not chosen for us. She breathed the fresh morning air. And saw a idea come to her mind while here in the capital. “I wonder which general is in charge of hunting down the resistance. I will have to find that out. Knowing your enemy and knowing yourself is the first step to victory.” She turned and started to get dressed for the day’s hunt down in some bug infected hole.

Ana Hessiem

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