The Calandian Chronicles

Dec 11, 2011

Into the Temple of Uultimon!

After our run-in with the two member’s of the Dark Lord’s “Monster Squad”, we take a moment to rest and then set about exploring the area. Much of the temple had collapsed but we did find the long abandoned temple stable behind one door and the remnants of a barracks behind another. With nothing of significance nor a way to delve further into the temple complex in either of these areas, we turned our attention to the door where the beast known as “Frank” was attempting to bash his way into the temple.

Examining the door we find that someone had inscribed it with a red symbol – the symbol of Orcus cultists. “Great” I think to myself. “That’s all we need is to throw Orcus into the mess that is plaguing Calidor”. Not to be deterred, Ana and myself throw ourselves at the task of forcing the door open. It took a considerable effort, but we were able to succeed where “Frank” had failed. Beyond the newly unsealed door we come across several rooms that once served the residents of this place. A kitchen, officer quarters and even a privy were all found just inside the tower but nothing of real value was found as none of these areas had seen use in a great many years.

Again finding ourselves with but one option, we round the corner of the corridor and take a stairwell descending into the bowels of the temple ruins. We proceeded with are usual amount of caution, though several of us felt an unusual level of disquiet as we made our way deeper into the earth. Serge and Wandra both commented that it almost felt like we had crossed into an extra dimensional space. Be that as it may, we had no choice but to push deeper into the temple.

Pressing on, we eventually find ourselves at the bottom of the stairs with a door blocking further progress. However, upon this door was another symbol – this one being the mark of The Order of Research. With no lock or even handles it would seem the symbol was going to be our means to open this portal. Fortunately for us, Serge had recovered a symbol of the order in a previous adventure and when he came forward and presented it to the door, it opened and granted us entrance.

Beyond the door we find a small round chamber with a large, black glass-steel reptile dominating the center of it. As it did not move at our approach, we examined it closer and saw that it stood upon a platform that bore a plaque declaring this beast as the guardian of the order. “Well, whatever befell the order, this guardian was unable to ward against it” I though to myself as we worked our way to the far end of the room. We readied ourselves for anything as we opened the door.

The door opened into what can only be described as a mammoth concourse – some 20’ wide and at least 100’ long! The ceiling at our end of the hall started roughly 30’ above us but the ceiling got higher the further down you went. Balconies lined the way with the first ones near us about 20’ up, but as the ceiling rose, so did they. As we walked down the corridor, shadowy figures would appear on the balconies behind us. They did not make any threatening gestures, they merely watched as we made our way deeper into the temple.

As we got to the end of the hallway, it opened into a huge 60’ diameter room. The ceiling was near 60’ high and there was a ledge running along the top of the room maybe 50’ up from where we stood. Upon this ledge, two winged demons stood staring down on us wondering why we were intruding upon their domain. When we asked what had happened to the order, they claimed that they were weak and had swept them aside to claim the temple as their own. Of course we were not about to have any of this and drew our weapons to fight them.

The demons flew down from their perch to engage us while the shadowy figures drew bows and started raining arrows down upon our heads. I called for Chauncy to break out the assault carpet as I feared that we would need our own airborne capabilities with two winged adversaries to deal with. To add to the havoc, two other bug-like demons began to shoot lightning down the hallway at us. Ana and I battled with the demons while Zakiti, Serge, Taresha and Wandra tried to take out the archers above. Before long though, yet another threat emerged as smaller demons started appearing off to our right upon the ledge and rushed down a stairwell to join in the battle.

With all this going on, things had not yet gotten truly desperate until the larger demon grabbed Ana, flew up to the ceiling and then dropped her. She fell to the ground with a sickening thud and we all knew that she was dead. I jumped on the flying carpet to fly up and engage the demon so as to avenge her death but as I closed to make my first attack, Ana had sprung up off the floor as if nothing had happened. I think this sight distracted me as I must have let my guard down and the demon hammered me with its weapon. I felt a great burst of pain and then everything went black.

I awoke a short time later hovering near the ground, still upon the flying carpet. Ana had fought her way upstairs by the sounds of it and poor Wandra lay dead against one wall of the room, and her head by another. While I was out, the party had fought well though and while we paid dearly in blood, the fight was turning in our favor. Mustering my strength, I leaped back into the fray and before long we had vanquished last of the demon spawn.

Serge suggested that we merge the segments of the Ashen Crown so that we could use its power to bring Wandra back from the dead. Of course we all agreed promptly and assembled the pieces together so Serge could complete the ritual to fuse them back together. With this done, Serge turned his attention to Wandra and invoked the power of the Ashen Crown to restore her to life. With Wandra back with us, we sat and contemplated our next move…


During the quick rest, Ana comes up to Fauntleroy, “Uncle, can I please get nine thousand worth of residuum, before you over react, I am making a sending stone using these.” She pulls out the ear and teeth of Igor. ‘I need to have a talk with the good Baron, I believe that he is the one that brought me back to life in the middle of the fight, I wish to thank him, also not sure if you where aware of it, but battleaxes are the holy weapons of temptus’ She smiles with a wicked gleam in her eye as she looks at Heartbreaker. “I think I would be the best able to put Heartbreaker to use, I think he would make a wonderful holy weapon for me.”

Fauntleroy looks at Ana sternly. “When you fell, you heard a voice didn’t you? It made you an offer to return you to life in exchange for a boon?” He pauses briefly and says “What did it ask of you or did you just blindly accept?” fearing he already knows the answer to the question.

Ana looks confused for a moment, “UM Uncle? Your hearing voices? I did not hear
any, I just remember falling then waking back up, I was expecting to see death
taking me to the afterlife, instead I was awake for the fight, with greater
willpower than before.”

Fauntleroy eyes Ana with a disapproving look she has seen many times before from him.
“I know you consider my your foolish uncle, but do not think me an idiot! The dead do not spring up spontaneously, there is always a reason behind it!”
“If the Dark Lord did bring you back without your consent, then you are but a thrall to him awaiting the moment where you betray the party.”
“If you DID make a pact with him, then you are lying to me about this and without knowing the agreement you made, I can no more trust you than if you were a servant bound to his will…”

Fauntleroy sighs. “In either case, I cannot honor your request for the residiuum as your relationship with the Dark Lord is endangering the party as it is without depleting our resources to further his aims.”

“That said, I do trust that ultimately you will do the right thing and entrust Heartbreaker to you. I do hope that you will not have it live up to its name by doing something I will regret.”

He hands over the battleaxe to Ana and eyes her to see if she has anything to add to the conversation.

Ana smiles coyly as she takes the axe with a gleam in her eye “Yes Heartbreaker and I will get along fine uncle.” She leans forward and gives Fauntleroy a quick kiss on the cheek as she gives the command for armor to teleport. “What are you doing taking your armor off in a combat area!” Fauntleroy questions “I did not want this to hurt Uncle” as her foot starts to tap the ground impatiently, and open palm smacks Fauntleroy on the other cheek “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING A THRALL, OR WORSE HARLOT, YES THAT WHAT YOUR EYES SAY UNCLE” Both of Ana’s hands rest on her hips as her foot taps faster “I have been loyal and honest to you and the princess, and if I think I can gain goals for the Jihad with a political alliance sealed by marriage then BY THE GODS I WILL DO SO, the Baron can be dealt with politically, AND DAMN IT YES I can be just as stubborn as you. Heroes better than us have tried to kill them, they are undead servants now of his. Now I am going to try calm down and not kill anyone here today, the last man to accuse me of being a harlot lost his head to my sword damn it.” Ana spins on her heels and sit down by the statue of the Phristar, puling out needle and thread and starts to stitch the ear of Igor around Igor’s teeth she had picked up, her foot still tapping the ground rapidly.

Wandra cautiously sits near Ana “What are you doing with those parts Ana.” Ana foot starts to slow in its tapping “I am going to make a sending stone to talk with the Baron. I know the Baron has a link between him and his special monsters, it will take a while for him to make a new Igor, and until he does he will still be linked to these parts, using the ritual for sending stones, and applying the laws of sympathetic magic, this should work and allow communication with him.” Wandra blinked at Ana for a moment “When did you learn so much about magic Ana?” Ana quietly snickered as she replied “Every thinks me my Mothers daughter, they forgot my father was a Archmage, you think he did not teach me some tricks” Ana winked at Wandra as she continued her sowing of the ear.

Dec 11, 2011

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