The Calandian Monster Manual

The Tarskin: Reputedly the most fearsome creature to ever roam Calandia. Tall (over 15 feet), humanoid bipeds with 4 arms. They are masters of the weapon arts. Having two brains, they are also highly intelligent and masters of spellcraft. There are known to be at least two species of Tarskin… the common Green Tarskins, and the more powerful and rare White Tarskins.

The Phristar: Rare and ferocious reptilian beast. Basically looks like a 10 to 12 foot tall Godzilla. Capable of rending apart even full plate with its razor sharp claws and teeth. They are very intelligent and cunning. A rare few have even learned to cast spells.

The Calandian Snowbeast: Feared beast inhabiting the Frozen Wastes. Think of the Wampus from “SW: Empire Strikes Back”, but add 2 more arms. Some are known to be intelligent, but most are quite feral.

Verthane’s Monster Squad: Group of undead and constructs created by Baron Verthane and modified over the decades. Wulfmere… a sly and cunning werewolf lord. Fleshenstein… an incredibly fast, strong AND intelligent flesh golem. Igon… a unique ghoul, sharp of teeth and claw. Khalif-Ra… an ancient mummy, once a ruler of a long-lost desert kingdom. Zombula… most recent member, a zombie of unique capabilities.

The Calandian Monster Manual

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