Star pact Warlock. Human. Devoted follower of long lost Mystra. Lover of Moriatis and student of a mysterious mage


14 Str, 21 Con, 14 Dex, 16 Int, 14 Wis, 23 Cha

23 Ac, 26 Fort, 25 Ref, 28 will

speed 6

She wears Mystra’s Crown and is a powerful mage


Wandra’s story is a sad one that starts before she is even born. Her mother was driven from her home for falling in love and marrying a capitan of the royal guard. At least that was what her told her he was. Wandra’s mother was studiying to be a mage. She was turning out to be a very powerful and gifted person. When she was driven out her husband was killed, and she felt it like a blow to her soul. As she stumbled out of the capital city, Wandra’s mother was confronted by several cloaked figures. THey told her that Wandra was to be the one to unite the divided magics of the world. She was to restore the balance. As they left a vortex surrounded her mother and she found herself in a back country village. It was on an off the main road travel way. She was lightheaded and disoriented. The owner of the Inn a single and reletively handsome man, had compassion and took her in as a maid. Eventually as her pregnancy became obvious her married her to still the wagging tounges of the village, and claimed Wandra as his own. Her mother never told her husband of her powers just kept in practice while huntung in the woods for herbs.
One day in the spring when Wandra was five, bandits attacked the village. Wandra’s mother cloaked herself in a long dark cloak and fought off the bandits. Using her magic and talent. The bandits fled and no one knew that it was the Inn Keepers wife who fought them off. Life went back to normal and then a few months later an Eladrin sorcerer was passing by the village and stopped at the Inn. He spotted Wandra playing by the fireplace. Her magical aura shone out of her innocence and youth. Her mother was concerned that he would see hers as well. She tried to avoid him until he cornered her near the hearth and said that her daughter needed training badly. She was one of the most powerful children he had ever seen for a human. He said that he didn’t have the patience to teach but that his mentor in Silverwood, an Eladrin and human community would. He would consult him and return. Wandra’s stepfather was thrilled. His daughter a powerful mage, and she would be trained by the elves. All children trained that way always came back to help their communities. Wandra’s mother wasn’t so thrilled but she couldn’t train her herself because no one knew she herself was a mage. Two weeks after the elf left, the bandits once again attacked the village. Her mother only had enough time to hide 12 children, Wandra included, and give her daughter a puzzle box before going out to fight them. She knew that this time they were too powerful for her to fight off. The bandits had brought magical reinforcements this time. Wandra only knew that her mother was worried and not to come out until her mother let them out. It seemed like noise surrounded them and heavy boots thudded over top of them. Women screamed and men cursed. The children huddled in fear. Finally all was quiet, and no more sounds reached the children’s ears. They fell asleep and finally the door open a long while later. It was the Eladrin. In returning to the village hew found the destruction of everything, but felt the life force of Wandra. He found the hidden cellar and brought all the children out. He took them all to Silverwood. Most of the children found homes with human families, but the gamin little Wnadra was a little to solemn for most of the humans. A great teacher of magic was approached to be her teacher. After seeing Wandra he agreed. Unfortunatly Wandra was either to traumatized or to stubborn to speak for the next year. She was wandering in the woods and sat down to start crying when a gravelly female voice said, “Stop that or you’ll get my pages wet.” From then on Wandra and Poppi were inseperable. Poppi kept Wandra in control and Wandra had a familiar to protect her. When she turned 23 years of age a message came that Wandra needed to meet the crown princess and finally start her destiny. Her mentor knew the signature of the one who sent the notw and sent her to meet the rebels in the woods. As we say that is history and we know how it has gone from here.

Wandra rubs her neck to ease the phantom ache. ‘I really must learn to fly better. this way I can get away faster.’ Still a long nap and finishing up this journey in the tower will go a long way to removing my trepidation that the world has seemed to start hitting back harder then we were anticipating. It would also be nice to be in mori’s arms once again. He could always make the fear just seem to melt away. Her new teacher on the other hand seemed to bring out the worst in her. Sniping, complaining, and general all around witchyness. He seemed to bring out her passion for arguing and the zest for life. Still both Mori and her teacher were a great deal alike in that they only want the best for her. When they get done here in the tower it might be good to do some research into where her power really comes from. The stars can be fickle masters and leave you at the drop of a hat. And do I really have family still in the world. distant cousins or nieces and nephews? That is worth contemplating, (yawn) Still I need sleep and it need not be said that being raised from the dead can take a lot out of a person.


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