Ranger (specializing in archery). Elf. Follower of Mielikki.


In the Kingdom of the Isles, there lies a place, a peaceful land, ruled by a beautiful elven queen. A kingdom within a kingdom, a place of nature, full of life and harmony. This land is the result of an agreement made centuries ago, between the elves and the humans. It is ruled by Queen Taramis, beloved by all her subjects.

In this land, the elven children which are born are cherished, and grow up knowing the ways of nature, the ways of the elves, and often, the ways of magic. It was into this land that Taresha was born. The middle child of 3, the only girl, Taresha was always a wanderer. She loved nothing more than to roam the woods alone, even at a young age. Often, dusk would find her family in a frantic state, wondering where their beloved girl had gone to. She was the one who found the nearby colony of shifters, and because of her wanderings, the two villages became friendly.

It was around this time that the family started noticing that Taresha had an amazing affinity to nature, unlike either of her brothers, Rilsh and Miril. Her parents wisely encouraged this, knowing that all children should be encouraged to develop their talents. Her mother Ardisse searched for many months, even years, to find the right person to apprentice Taresha to, so she could learn the ways of a Ranger. Taresha enjoyed learning all she could about the ways of nature from Talon Kolmarin. She started her apprenticeship at age 16, and stayed with him for 14 years. It was during her time with Talon that she learned of Mielikki, and grew to have a great love of the Goddess. They travelled far and wide throughout the Kingdom of the Isles, always seeking to serve nature.

Upon leaving Talon’s service, Taresha decided to travel to new places and have new adventures. She wants to spread the word of the Goddess and find other believers. She wants to learn new things, to find out all she can about Nature and the world. Taresha was happy to find that Sasha, a Shifter from the neighboring village, was out travelling in the world as well. They have joined with other adventurers, in the hopes of doing Nature’s will and helping out other believers. Taresha wants to serve the Lady by vanquishing evil as well.


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