14th Level Swordmage, Former Knight Commander for the Order of Research

STR 16 – CON 18 – DEX 13 – INT 22 – WIS 13 – CHA 11
AC: 32 – FORT: 23 – REFL: 25 – WILL: 22
HP: 121

Storm is tall, athletically built. He appears to be approximately 36 years of age. With shoulder length white/silverish hair and sharp features at a glance he could be almost pass for half elven although he is human.

Storm walked across the beach. I’ve almost forgotten how beautiful it is here on the island he thought to himself. It had been quite some time since he had been back to his tropical island home that Selina and he had built for themselves. He wasn’t even sure how long it had been since she had graced these shores. She was off with her Coven on an important task so it was hauntingly quiet. I might as well relax and enjoy the day for a change. It’s a feeling he hadn’t had time to experience in what felt like years. So with that purpose in mind, Storm set about doing just that. Relax. Now this is what I had in mind as Storm settled in a reclining chair on the sun deck. But with the pleasant warmth of the sun and the cool glass of wine working their magic, Storm drifted off to sleep. In a setting like this under the present conditions, one would expect a peaceful and blissful rest to ensue. But unfortunately fate had other plans. It felt as at the moment Storm’s eyes closed, images started to flood his mind. Fragments of images, flashes of scenes drift into focus to slide away just as fleeting and all linked by a pathway of light flowing between them. At first it was hard for him to make sense of what he was seeing. Then the pace of the images slowed. Two men, riding into a small town that is on the shore of a small bay. Storm and Extell arrive at Baywatch. The scene flips to a banquet that is in process. Extell is exchanging pleasantries with female Drow noble though Storm cannot hear what is being discussed. The next scene is difficult to perceive. A tall, slender woman bathed in a bright white light. A symbol upon her cloak is seven bluish white stars in a circle. She smiles upon a small group gathered in front of her. She seems to be conferring with them but her mouth isn’t moving. A startled look comes across her face and a blinding light bursts out from the slender woman. As the light fades, the group is flung about on the ground and the tall, slender woman is nowhere to be seen. As the swirls of images continue to swirl about, the sounds of battle can be heard. Steel on steel ring out as the image of a dark, smoky apparition comes into focus. Storm is battling this dark creature, which is armed with sword and mace atop a stone tower. Though badly wounded, Storm manages to sidestep a deadly blow from the mace to land a fatal blow of his own, banishing the creature to the darkness from which it came. The scene morphs to Storm standing on a dais, speaking to an assembly of knights and men at arms who are donning symbols of an upright sword through a book. Storm sits upright, shaking his head to clear insubstantial cobwebs from his mind. How strange he thought to himself. Trying to make sense of the images he relived, just as confusing is the reason for the sudden awaking. But he was relieved that he awoke as he sees Selina stroll her way up the path to the sundeck. His wife was quite the beauty to behold. Just as beautiful as the day they first met. My dear, this isn’t the time to lie around. I have a message for you from Val. Vladizar’s chosen has come forward into the light, whatever that means. Storm stands, stretches, and then strides over to Selina as she reaches the top stair to the sun deck. Giving her soft kiss, Storm replies It means, my love, that it’s time for me to step out of the shadows. I must make sure to help the Chosen fulfill Vladizar’s vision and also help return the balance to our realms again. Enough of staying out of this fight. It’s time to remind the Dark Prince and his puppeteer why it is they have to be fearful to what lurks in those shadows.


The Calandian Chronicles Storm866