Serge D'Amours

Half Orc Wizard with a flair for cold and ice


From the introduction of the manuscript of Master Serge D’Amours, Head of the Academy Arcane

I remember little from my youth. The stories that Master Alden tells are amusing, especially for others but I sometimes blur the line between story and memory. Master Alden’s favorite, of course, is how I was found on the door step of the Academy as an infant, naked with my light green tinted skin dripping with the frozen rain. The only article on me was the medallion I still carry, then ridiculously huge for my tiny body. What the snowflake crystal meant a the time or where it came from was a mystery, enough so that Alden took me in. He always loved a good mystery.

My first true memories are of reading. I loved books and manuscripts and when I was unable to be found for my chores, it was usually because I had snuck into one of the Academies many libraries. At first the mages must have thought that the ‘little brute’ as I was called early on was just mimicking those around them, but I remember the symbols becoming words and stories and being enthralled by the message. Alden began to take me serious as a student in my seventh year when the old cook Balko was found within the grips of Bigby’s Icy Grip. I was reading a scroll of the same at the time when he had shown to drag me back to the kitchen to finish my cleaning duties. How I pulled of the incantation is beyond me, but some of it must have been fright for the beating I deserved for shirking responsibilities.

Over the next several years, Alden made it a point to guide my studies. I found I had an aptitude for the cold based spells, why is still a mystery, but Master Alden was convinced it was related to the medallion and my origins. On my 22nd founding day (we celebrated by being found since my actual birth date was yet again another mystery), Master Alden had told me I had learned what I could in an academic setting and that the true mysteries of the arcane are found in the outside world. I was packed and began my journey of knowledge while keeping my eye open for clues to my past.

Serge D'Amours

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