Baron Verthane


Tall, handsome. Normally wears a white shirt/tunic and dark trousers. black cape/cloak edged with silver and red.


Baron Verthane is known as the Vampire Lord of Calandia, and rarely as “He Who Rules the Undead”. He has many contacts among the forces of Evil and is often rumored to be one of the controlling forces for Evil.

His mastery of necromancy is unrivaled. He is also a master of constructing golems and golem-like creatures.

The Baron is also known for his group of unique minions, known as the “Monster Squad”. This group consists of… Wulfmere (a werewolf), Fleshenstein (a flesh golem), Igon (a ghoul), Khalif-Ra (a mummy), and Zombula (a zombie).

Baron Verthane

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