The Calandian Chronicles

Nov 27 2011

Wow are we in trouble

Aftermath of the Temple of Ukko, and onward from there. We fcound ourselves finally all together in the great library of the research arm of the mages. After defeating the frost giant, and two hill giants. We found assorted coins and treasures. One of which was a frost axe, and a small stattuete. The dwarf running the facility gave us a feast and 50 platinum each. He also offered to upgrade or make an item of metal for us as this is where the forge for the order of research is. After an evening of feasting we left for the manor house. Just 5 days later we reached it and found out how much work had already been done. Lihi, Wandra, and Fauntleroy went shopping for linens, a wagon and food for the manor’s pantry. Ana worked on the manor itself and went to the local magic guild for a linked portal and arcane lock scrolls. She had found out that any spell of linked portal and arcane lock sustained for a year and a day became permanent. We sat down as a group then and laid out what was on our plate. We decided that the standard of Fauntleroy’s kingdom and his sword were to be a priority, and since they were in Calidor we could also rescue King Exeter and his Queen. Then see about getting the king’s sister free of the dark prince. And since we were in the realm check in with the crown princess as well. So Serge set up the portal and lock. We arrived in the realm and checked in with the Princess, and started our journey to the temple that held the standard and sword. Apparently the dark prince gave over his gracious protection of his in-laws to the Baron Verthane. He is the Vampire Lord. This is not a good thing to have the king and his queen as his guests. So we head out to the temple ruins that hold the relics of the past. Maybe there is even more that can be salvaged from the temple. As we approached the temple all was quiet. Rounding the corner of the ruined castle and the drawbridge we found out that we were not the first ones here in awhile. Two monsters pounded fiercely on the doors to get in to the one tower that remained standing. A flesh golem and a ghoul. Little did we know that these creatures are under the control of Baron Verthane. After a fierce battle the ghoul lay dead and the flesh golem fled. Funny though even in the thick of battle Anna Gets a proposition of marriage from none other than said Baron.


Corrected some spelling ;) (Baron Verthane and Calidor). Otherwise an awesome report.
Nov 27 2011

Ana sat back in what will become the master bedroom in the manor house, reading over the notes Wanda scratched out and sighed to herself “That wench must learn how to remember important facts at times” and went to work writing notes into the side margings……

Our Dwarven ally full name is Bandaerl, son of Rykos, blood of Melair, High Old One of Moradin, Master Smith of the Order, and isone hell of a smith, I really do like having the extra property on my armor. The ability to teleport the armor on and off really does make life so much easier.

Taking a sip of tea, her mind raced with the upcoming rituals for the manorhouse, a teleport circle and a pair of arcane locks, she pondered the amount of energy she it will cost her to keep those up for a year before they will exist on their own. Walking through the house she is impressed with the amount of work that the forman, Tullane of Alderian had gotten arranged. Rescuing his two daughters Eliana and Alenoia from the vampire was quite helpful in getting the workers of the city to rebuild the house. Going over her notes, must talk with Tac the sage in town again about the project he is working on. And with Gurnee Dorn over at the wizards academy in town about ritual spells again. Looking from the top of the wall to the forest just 100 yards away Ana ponders “Much to close, have to get some woodsman to clear that out to 250 yards sooner or later.” She nods to Tullane as he approaches “Greetings master Tullane, the work procedes quite well I see.” He shrugs his shoulders “Some damage nothing too major, you asked to see me when I had a moment?” Ana smiles “Yes here is the payment to keep things going” as she tosses to him a bag with fifty pieces of platinum. Tullane eyes widen a moment at the amount “That should keep us going for a bit shall it?” Tullane grins “Yes Mlady, for a while” Ana hands him a list, “Here are items I would like to see worked on, as you get the time and manpower. Also once the servants rooms are ready please let me know, It looks like we will be hiring 10-15 solders, 2 maids, one cook and one butler in the first phase, so if you know any good workers looking for coin let them know.” She winked at Tullane with a smile. Tullane laughed “Yes Mlady I think word of your heroics saving my daughters and that your good with coin will help find several.” Ana noticed Serge in the courtyard waving to her. “I must be off my friend until later. Also the main vault is going to start being enchanted today, so please keep the workers out of there, I don’t like to pay death benefits.”

Ana’s nodded and smile at Serge as she wondered if he had any real idea of what was about to happen as they entered the vault room and started to make preparations for the teleport circle and warding. “So I am hoping Serge that we can link the lightning bolt trap to the ward so if there is forced entry the lighting will start to weaken the forces and give us a few more moments to respond.” Serge nodded “Yes I think that is possible, do you have the scrolls so that we can go over what is going to happen so your confused by the energy?”


Ana breathed a deep sigh as she looked over the remains of Igon and picks up a couple of his teeth and one of his ears and pockets them into a silk pouch. “This will be useful” she murmurs to herself. A proposal from Baron Verthane, the Vampire Lord, that is quite interesting. Have to find a nice dress for tea now…..


Nov 27 2011

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