The Calandian Chronicles

Nov 13 2011

The party continues their exploration of the Temple of Ukko.

From Wandra…

On November 13, 2011 at 09:22 PM HeatherWalz said:

As the fight between our group and the rust monsters ends, we hear fighting coming from down the corridor. Two voices one male and one female. A thud is heard, and the battle seems to end. Fauntleroy and Lihi stay behind to get him back into his armor and harvest parts from the rust monsters. The rest of us rushed down the hall and threw open the door. Imagine our surprise when we see a petite elf like person being held against the wall by a small Beholder. The battle raged, and as it seemed that we were going to get the upper hand it would use an eyebeam on us. Taresha became blinded then dominated, and started to play a game of marco polo with the party. Zakiti became winded and took a nap(sleep ray). Finally we defeated the dread monster and found out that it was wearing two objects. One was a jewel bracelet worth 1.200 gp and the second was a grace ring of lightning (see me for specials). We then were able to question the petite woman being held captive. Her name is Cymoril. She looks elven but is not. Around her neck is a choker that seems to be restraining or keeping dormant a power or powers. She doesn’t remember where she is from or who her people are but she thinks she was a queen. Serge cast a ritual, Reveal History, we saw different pictures of her past. One of the pictures showed Anna’s mom and aunt. She led us to the forge and in the cooling barrels, we found little silver bracelets with battle axe charms.(see me for details) From the next floor down we heard crashing and gnawing of stone. Guess what we found at the bottom of the stairs. That’s right we found a monster. And not just any monster but a Behir. The Behir fought with us back and forth up the stairs, Anna became a demon from Wandra’s power. Then the Behir did something stupid. It ate Anna. She hacked her way out of the beast. Taresha and I harvested the skin and got 5,000gp in components. We found on that level a museum of armor and arms. Finally we went down to the next level and encounter three giants, one of whom was a frost giant, they were destroying the great library. The giants were destroying the library. After much tribulation we prevailed against the giants and saved as much of the library as possible. We have also invited Cymoril to join us on our journey.


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Serge took Cymorial’s slender hands in his own and began the chant. The ritual was tricky at times, and the interaction with the strange choker she wore was an unknown factor. As the words reached their crescendo the first of the memories began to come clear…

Cymorial stood wearing the dress of a wizard prepared for battle and was surrounded by the command staff of an impressive army. Across the vale strange and obscene lights began to dance and a rift into this plane was visible. Soon demonic beasts began to poor forth and charge the mortal army arrayed against it. Cymorial raised her hands and began an odd chanting, the smell of burning incense wafted from the cauldron before her. Suddenly a bright and clean light flashed from Cymorial’s hands and tore into the very rift that the demons were using. A great thunder clap erupted across the vale as the two lights met and struggled for dominance, but the power of the light was too great. The hole to the demonic plane became smaller and smaller until it was no more…

Cymorial was in the thick of battle, her comrades in arms battling to fight the strange energy beasts. A motley crew of heroes if there ever was one with humans that looked oddly like kin of Anna. One male among the group fought as a lion and Cymorial did all in her power to keep him safe, for she wished him to be safe for her. The tide had turned and the heroes had gained the initiative. The beasts would not prevail and he would be safe…

Pain, such pain, but with it the knowledge in the back of her mind that it was all worth it. He was here, smiling down at her with tenderness, love and concern. The midwife was speaking to her calmly, but firmly. It was time, time to push with all her being, push for her unborn child. The son that would grow to be mighty and make both her and her husband proud…

The final vision passed and Serge looked to the party to discuss. It was clear that they had all seen the visions. Ana’s look of shock was clear. It was her mother within the vision. It was also very clear that the choker was a blocker, not only of memories put of power. This women had defeated such enemies that only few ever see in a lifetime and even fewer survive against. Who had put the choker on her and for what purpose? Was it safe to remove? The party seemed to feel the Cymorial was a good person at heart and Wandra attempted to use her skill with small locks. However, the lock was complex and no skill in the party was able to help. Cymorial was asked to come along with the party so that we could give her assistance once the current quest was complete.

There it stood. It was unfathomable. Five years of questing to no avail and here without warning, the symbol appeared. Serge removed the pendent from beneath his robes and stared. Yes, it was the same, but why was it attached to an ancient museum piece of full plate mail armor belonging to the Order of Research? What strange wind of fate had put the same symbol on a piece of armor of an unknown age and on a simple leather string around his neck from his earliest days of life? The dwarven ghost must hold answers, answers Serge needed to hear.

OK… Those were Serge’s highlights… We won’t go into the low lights (Stupid Giants and attack dice that stink when using your super encounter powers…) :)


Nov 13 2011
Excellent! Just a few clarifications….

When she raised her arms in the first vision, there was no chanting. Just an unnatural silence.

Second vision… in the midst of the battle is a enormous, strange vortex of energy that the strange energy beasts emerge from.

Nov 13 2011

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