The Calandian Chronicles

5 March 2012

And the Plot Thickens

from the journals of wandra butler

Leave the party alone for a few minutes to get yourself together, and they pick up another stray. At least this one I know about if just a little. Storm is head of the warrior order of the mages, and is married to the head of the witches. (Who we are currently in debt to) He seems to have a strong sword swing and can manouver fairly well. But to get back to the subject I was so easily distracted from. It seems that Taresha’s elder brother has or will soon ‘assend’. To what is anyone’s guess but I guess we will find out. We also found out that the Drow, or at least one tribe of them are helping him. The younger sister of the queen is not happy with her sisters rule and wants us to take her sister off the throne. Through aggressive negotiations of course. We have also learned that a threat long since locked away because of the spell plagues, might be resurfacing. If nothing else perhaps it will lead us to a nice fat dragon horde.

My companions are all in a state of change. I at one time thought that I knew them fairly well. Apparently things have been changing and I need to pay more attention to those around me. What is even stranger is that many of us in the party have picked up sentient weapons. What their sentience is from or why is yet unknown. My grief over Moriatis has faded somewhat, it is not as crippling as it was before. To have lost the child as well was also a blow, but to then be inhabited by Morgana was chilling. Valendil has been scarce. I think he should have created Mori just to give him a vacation. All of his running around seems to have made him cranky.

Again off the subject. Well in exploring the hill we are in we found an Insubtantial Beholder, all by it’s lonesome in a little room. We gently closed that door and went around. Not like us really as we usually go in head first and worry about the consequences later, but still we closed the door. In going around the room we found another full of wights that just about got the better of us. Ana managed to unlink them from the crystal they were forming by siphoning off their essence. It was smaller then the one we found in the shadowfell, but still big enough to be a great pommel stone for Ana’s weaopn. Then we found the drow sitting calmly waiting for us with her little scheme. She even had the audacity to say that it took us long enough. While deciding what to do we found the ‘statues’. They were really people. Eladrin, elf and human statues that had after being petrified had their necks broken or cut, so that even if someone with remove affliction could cure them or petrification, they would die. It was clever but vicious and cruel.



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