The Calandian Chronicles

29 April 2012

Lord Fauntleroy is gonna kill me

session 29 April
Well all good hauntings must come to an end. We figured that because the globe that Zakiti has is now sseemingly acting like a beacon, we had better get it into a warded vault to try and silence it before it brings the dragon lords down upon us. Still we have the treasury the proto-lich was guarding. So feeling pretty confident in ourselves, we realigned the gate to Isengard and stepped into the world Serge was born for. To be head of the mages guild of research.
Upon arriving we, or I should say, Serge brought Isenguard back into this reality from where it was in limbo. It is pretty impressive I must say. Still I enjoy exploring the necromancers keep more. Finding all sorts of doors and hidden places is fun when you dont have to contend with monsters every turn. Serge took up residence in his apartments and started the order researching right away. I had a few things of my own to look into. Appaerently my familiar has been hidding a few things from me. I am apparently of royal lineage from Calador. Go figure me of the pub life is royalty from the place that is currently ruled by a prick.
Anyway Ana, Serge, Taresha, and I put our heads together and figured that the only thing stopping the Dark istress from becoming the next goddess of magic was the fact that we had no really viable candidstes other then her. So we all sat down and went over the powerful people we knew and put notes beside them. Morgana’s name came up and none of could think of a reason not to approach her on the subject, and as her technical mother I figured it was up to me. So I contacted her, and we had a ‘chat’ in which she became perturbed with me and sent me rather singed back to Isenguard. I personally think of this as a refusal.
Still we had to get the book of making into a more secure location. The four of us treked up north and went to Drennon’s keep. Ana always in the lead, and not being as cautious as she could be inadvertantly set off a timed trap. Unfortunatly this trap involed defrosting a Fristar. That was very much NOT to my liking. I am not currently strong enough to fight said beast. We quickly explored the keep and not only found wonderous furnishings and libraries, but another beast intellegent and locked it seemed inn a bubble. In return for Drennon’s book he wanted something precious and powerful. Only two of us had such objects upon our persons. I was the first her looked to and her demanded the unborn child nestled beneath my heart. Now dont yell Fauntleroy, I think I know myself by now and I am an adult. And no I am not telling you who the father is. So there.
From Serge he demanded the amulet from around his neck that was found on him as a babe. Not willing for me to give up a child he gave up his medallion. Yes we need to go get that soon I will go into that later.
I almost forgot we found another interesting thing in Drennon’s tower home. The pool of magic and shadow oh how I wanted to go for a swim or at least take a sample for study. Ana the killjoy said I couldn’t. So we raced to Isenguard and placed the book into the vault to safe gueard it.
I almost forgot we did go give an update to the Princess as to how our adventures were going, and to get her to sanction the marriage between Ana and the Baron, but her advisors were being idiots as usual and I yelled it at them throught the curtain as they were too cowardly to show their faces. I told them as much as well. It seems one of the advisors had to be restrained because Ana and I seem to have ignited his Ire. That night if we haddent been staying with the Baron’s wonderful guards watching over us the halfling advisor would have murdered me in my sleep.

Still it was a mostly wondrful time had by all. I hope you enjoyed you recooperation my lord we are gonna be very busy.

“Letter to Lord Fauntleroy from Wandra Butler”



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