The Calandian Chronicles

19 Feb 2012

Enter the Storm

… We finished the statues. I felt it was a tougher battle then others, but I also felt the surge of power if I could only rest… Alas… Not so soon. Our options were limited and our course seemed obvious to head down into the depths that this ‘hill’ was hiding. Our journey took us on a winding trail to a circular stair that descended down. At the bottom we found an odd ‘road’ under the hill that ended at a set of double doors. In front of the doors were a collection of lizards, tethered to a post. These lizards are common pack animal for the Drow as I was informed by Taresha.

As we approached the animals, a human in armor and armed with swords stepped from the shadow. He claimed his name was ‘Storm’ and was following the Drow. Since our paths seemed to be in the same direction we joined forces for the short term.

We opened the double doors and found a Drow and a pair of Mezzo-Demons. Immediately Lord Fauntleroy charged to confront a demon while our new ally Strom threw his sword. Storm announced that the Drow had the mark of Cormaeril on his shield. This seemed to have sparked something in Fauntleroy, something in his every twisted past I am sure. The battle was quick work, with Taresha providing superior firepower in eliminating our foes.

We quickly took to searching the area, desperate to find a clue as to what was plaguing the villages. In a kitchen we found a female human sowing that stated that Lord Rilsh would not be happy with them being present. At this Taresha seemed to be in two minds. She stated that Rilish was in fact her brother, but was uncertain how/why he was a Lord in some underground domain. The kitchen wench said that Lord Rilish was no longer an elf as Taresha but had… Transcended.

We left her to her sewing and continued our search finding a storage room and a servant quarters. Returning back to our starting location we entered the last remaining door. We found a large ornate room with pillars and an alter at the far end. A priest was performing some perverse ritual while a large blue toad demon protected him. Our way ahead seemed clear.

We joined battle with these foes. The four of us seemed well suited to this, but suddenly the tide changed with a Drow assassin appeared and an additional large beast. What was to be a quick battle became a long slog into the night. Tarasha found herself surrounded multiple times and had to keep switching bow to sword to bow as the fiends continued their assault and she eventually fell in battle. Lord Fauntleroy was able to revive her as well as Storm helping with some healing capabilities of his own. My last daily , Bigsby’s Hand, finally paid its upkeep by crushing the damaged priest. After Second Winds and depleting our abilities, Storm was able to put down the final assassin so we could get a reprieve.

We are all spent. I need to rest, but I am afraid we will not have that opportunity as we are in the middle of hostile terrain with some ‘Lord’ and his dark purpose unknown.

Excerpt from The Adventures of My Days
Serge D’Amours, Master-Commander Order of Research

Break Break
Sorry this was so late….




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