The Calandian Chronicles

1 January 2012

On to Numenor

The battle was hard fought and at no time was the outcome a foregone conclusion. What exactly had happened to both Ana and Fauntleroy was not adequately explained, but I had other concerns at the moment. The party had somehow acquired before my arriving a splendid artifact. A unique item called the Ashen Crown that allowed me, with time, to conduct a ritual to bring Wandra back from the death that was so wrongly inflicted upon her by the demons that were desecrating the order’s headquarters.

Finishing our rest and being properly restored we started our inspection of the facility. After finding some private quarters we found another of the large obsidian lizard statures in a room with several doors. Oddly these doors were all locked, except to me and my medallion that I had since my arrival at the Academy. Our first door we entered brought me into a room filled with smoky, dark mirrors. Upon entering a ghost of an elderly member of the order, dressed in full plate appeared. He announced that he had watched over me since finding me on the field of battle and presenting him to the magic academy to start my education.

As surprising as this was, it was even more surprising when he announced that I was the new leader of the Order of Research and it was my responsibility to move it forward in the current age. To that end he presented me with the items of my station. A staff of great power and robes fit for an arch mage. My first decision that the ghost presented to me as head of the order. I could right one of two major wrongs in the past that had significant impact on the balance between the good/evil or take the full mantle as leader of the order and wake my new lieutenants and there charge of knights.

I informed the party of what was happening and discussed the pros and cons of either fixing the Dark Night that sent Fauntleroy and the nation he served into the darkness haunted by the undead or going to Numenor to prevent the king from releasing the daemon armies and setting himself up as an empire of a twisted mind. The debate was short, with me listening to the wise council of my peers. Concerns were discussed of inadvertent consequences of meddling in the time that has passed. In the end, the decision was mine and mine alone. The greater evil, from my prospective, was the demon plague that corrupted Numenor and threatened the modern world. That would be where we strike.

To prepare us, the ghost presented tools that we could use to satisfy our mission. These included the Family blade from House Fauntleroy, LightBringer, as well as the ancient banner of the same. In addition a Gem Bow for Taresha that had a string of braided unicorn hair. An armor of exotic Crysteel mesh that fitted well to Lihi, and a strange, mystical orb that called (or screamed) to our friend Zakiti. It was the first time our hard friend showed significant emotion since our first meeting. Also the mighty Avenger, a doubl-bladed bastard sword for Ana. Finally, the mace. Although I had my doubts do to the malevolence that it projected, Wandra took it for her own as it seemed to be attuned to her needs for a new implement.

With the party ready we gave the ghost our decision on saving Neumenor. Our task it seemed was to prevent Morganna from completing her spell as she stood in her casting circle, protected by her son Mordred. At that point we appeared in a corps of trees with the fog dissipating around us. A plan of action was quickly developed. I cast Arcane Gate to provide an entrance into the main pavilion undetected. At that point the rest of the party advanced into the tent.

Morganna was within the power circle conducting her ritual. In addition to Mordred, three of his elite guards were present. Lihi was able to cast a spell to push Morgaine out of the circle and knock her to the ground. However this seemed to upset her more than anything as she cast Prismatic Spray on the party, rendering all of them Dazed except for Zakiti. It was then that I moved into the tent and cast Dispel Magic on the power circle, removing any chance of Morganna from competing the ritual.

While the party fought to recover from being dazed (a fight that Lord Fauntleroy never won), Zakiti and I continued to send damage toward Morganna. With Wandra’s recovery her ability to turn Ana into a demonic beast was triggered. As disconcerting as it is to see her transformed, it was welcome to have this demon on our side. Wandra also cursed Mordred and one of his guards to place blows on his own mother.

At this point the doors of the tent opened, but instead of fresh troops entering the battle, two tall figures stood and watched. Ana taunted one, the Nazg├╗l Dwar. I did not think it wise, but then Ana gets turned into a daemon on a regular basis and that doesn’t seem wise to me either, especially for a Paladin. The other was a great of a man dressed in dark plate with a full great sword. They watched, but, luckily did not interfere.

Ana the daemon begin swinging and brought down destruction on Morganna who vanished from the tent. At that time we began our withdrawal. I exited the arcane gate, only to be ambushed by four lowly troops of Morganna. The party continued our extraction, with Chauncey, dragging poor Lord Fauntleroy. Once clear we were teleported back to the Order’s keep.

At once we could something was wrong, especially for Wandra. I was not sure what we had accomplished so we headed back to the outside world to see what, if anything had happened. Wandra began to become more and more withdrawn from the party until we meet the mysterious man at the keep’s entrance. To me he looked like a brother to Wandra’s husband, but there seemed to be some discussion on split bodies. At last Wandra confessed that she had lost her connection to her husband. The stranger announced that he never existed, because there was no need to create him with Numenor never falling. Then Mistress Wandra exclaimed that he had to exist because she was bearing his child.
To say the least, I was confused. I only hope that we did not do more damage than good by trying to reset the balance.

Put down by my hand, your most humble and obedient servant,
Serge D’Amours – Master of the Order of Research

OK… I’m sure I missed stuff so feel free to fill in and clean up the whole Baby Daddy drama!



Corrected a few spellings (eg. Numenor, Morganna, etc).

Great report!
1 January 2012

Wandra began to pace. How in the hell could she still be regnant? She waas determined for now to avoid the fact that Mori, her love, was gone. Never created by Val for the purposes of having an ally. Figuring that pacing was getting her no where, Wandra sat in her traditional meditation pose.She had to make some sense of this mess. As she slips into the perfect balance to reach out for Poppi something or someone stops her. It could only be the thing now nestling in her womb. Then a disturbing fact hits her. They never saw Morgana die, was she wandering around somewhere,or was she nestled snug in her new baby body? (An evil chuckle runs through her mind) ‘shit’ Wandra thinks she is now so screwed. Not only is Mori gone but her child is an evil bitch bent on world domination. This has got to end. Wandra picks herself up and goes in search of Val to ask him some questions about Cymorils collar and if he could take it of and put it on the baby when she is born. That way Wandra could give her to Cymoril to raise, and give her the ability to check in once in awhile. Just to make sure the collar stays firmly in place. She looks around the groups keep in the islands, and finally spots Val outside talkin gwith Serge and Ana. She comes up and all three become silent. “Val this is not my child.” Wandra starts, “I think the baby I am carring is Morgana trying to be reborn. I want her out of me and in a collar like Cymoril has. Then either give her to Cy to raise in the temple or keep her yourself but with Mori gone, this can’t be our sweet little Sharilyn Willow inside of me. I want this evil out and neutrilized. You siad that you could take it out, but will this harn me? I dont want to put the party in to any more danger with my absence then normal. I really wan tto seek out family now. My mothers diary said she grew up in Calador in the capitol, so maybe I have family that can help me get over my heartbreak.” Wandra turns and starts to head back into the manor. What mysteries surround her at the moment and with her heart breaking she had more then a touch of need for revenge against evil and the dark.

1 January 2012

Ana closed the door to the private bedroom that Serge had given to her in the Order of Research to rest and bathe in. The warmth from the tub did not seem to warm her heart or spirit, only cleansed the body of the blood from the battle with Morgaine and Morganna . Holding the pillow tight against her body she slowly drifts to sleep whimpering and a small tear forming in her eye……


Ana felt herself falling out of the bed awake, shaking her head to clear her mind she felt the lingering traces of her brother and sent a thought to him “Brother, I must know two things and you must give a message, find out for me who is leading the pirates, does fathers teleport circle still empowered so that I may travel home, and let the council know their prodigal daughter is coming home soon.” Drogma’s sleeping mind acknowledged the questions and would look into them for her.

As the party left the ruins we ran into Valendale, A true mage with great power, known to Ana’s family. After giving him a quick briefing on what we had done and finding out part of the consequences of our actions, the party started to head back to our home, the only base we have at this point.

Ana poses several questions to Val as they travel awaiting the answer with eagerness. Also wondering if she knows any of the answers?
Does King Emerical has mastered Time like Val?
Does Val know of a Teleport circle near the captial of Numenor?
Has the Baron mastered Time spells?
I know you TM all talk together, does he have a teleport circle for the Baron?
By what right is Baron Verthene claim his title?
And how often does he change wives?


1 January 2012

King Emiricol has not, to Val’s knowledge, mastered any time magic.

The capitol city of Numenor has a public teleport circle. Coordinates of such can be found easily enough.

The Baron is a TM. But no idea if he has knowledge of time magic.

Seeing as how the Baron resides in what was once MY keep, of course I have teleport circle coordinates. Heh.

The Baron did not have any “true” right to the title of “Baron” under the reign of King Cethern. However, Dark Prince Pelathar did honor him with the title and lands of that particular area. So I guess technically he does have the right.

1 January 2012
Oh, wives… I have no idea if the Baron has ever had a wife per se. Or even a mistress. If he has, it’s been his own secret.
1 January 2012

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