The Calandian Chronicles

27 May 2012
29 April 2012
Lord Fauntleroy is gonna kill me

session 29 April
Well all good hauntings must come to an end. We figured that because the globe that Zakiti has is now sseemingly acting like a beacon, we had better get it into a warded vault to try and silence it before it brings the dragon lords down upon us. Still we have the treasury the proto-lich was guarding. So feeling pretty confident in ourselves, we realigned the gate to Isengard and stepped into the world Serge was born for. To be head of the mages guild of research.
Upon arriving we, or I should say, Serge brought Isenguard back into this reality from where it was in limbo. It is pretty impressive I must say. Still I enjoy exploring the necromancers keep more. Finding all sorts of doors and hidden places is fun when you dont have to contend with monsters every turn. Serge took up residence in his apartments and started the order researching right away. I had a few things of my own to look into. Appaerently my familiar has been hidding a few things from me. I am apparently of royal lineage from Calador. Go figure me of the pub life is royalty from the place that is currently ruled by a prick.
Anyway Ana, Serge, Taresha, and I put our heads together and figured that the only thing stopping the Dark istress from becoming the next goddess of magic was the fact that we had no really viable candidstes other then her. So we all sat down and went over the powerful people we knew and put notes beside them. Morgana’s name came up and none of could think of a reason not to approach her on the subject, and as her technical mother I figured it was up to me. So I contacted her, and we had a ‘chat’ in which she became perturbed with me and sent me rather singed back to Isenguard. I personally think of this as a refusal.
Still we had to get the book of making into a more secure location. The four of us treked up north and went to Drennon’s keep. Ana always in the lead, and not being as cautious as she could be inadvertantly set off a timed trap. Unfortunatly this trap involed defrosting a Fristar. That was very much NOT to my liking. I am not currently strong enough to fight said beast. We quickly explored the keep and not only found wonderous furnishings and libraries, but another beast intellegent and locked it seemed inn a bubble. In return for Drennon’s book he wanted something precious and powerful. Only two of us had such objects upon our persons. I was the first her looked to and her demanded the unborn child nestled beneath my heart. Now dont yell Fauntleroy, I think I know myself by now and I am an adult. And no I am not telling you who the father is. So there.
From Serge he demanded the amulet from around his neck that was found on him as a babe. Not willing for me to give up a child he gave up his medallion. Yes we need to go get that soon I will go into that later.
I almost forgot we found another interesting thing in Drennon’s tower home. The pool of magic and shadow oh how I wanted to go for a swim or at least take a sample for study. Ana the killjoy said I couldn’t. So we raced to Isenguard and placed the book into the vault to safe gueard it.
I almost forgot we did go give an update to the Princess as to how our adventures were going, and to get her to sanction the marriage between Ana and the Baron, but her advisors were being idiots as usual and I yelled it at them throught the curtain as they were too cowardly to show their faces. I told them as much as well. It seems one of the advisors had to be restrained because Ana and I seem to have ignited his Ire. That night if we haddent been staying with the Baron’s wonderful guards watching over us the halfling advisor would have murdered me in my sleep.

Still it was a mostly wondrful time had by all. I hope you enjoyed you recooperation my lord we are gonna be very busy.

“Letter to Lord Fauntleroy from Wandra Butler”

15 April 2012
Mt Doom and back again...

From the Arcane Recordings of Lord Commander Serge D’Amours following his retirement from the Order of Research as saved by Vismont, his final squire.

“Stop shouting Vismont, for Mysteria’s sake I am blind, not deaf you silly boy.”

“Now, the party had just finished exploring Lord Rilish’s lair, that would be Lady Taresha’s evil elder brother. We had finally found the missing piece of a hidden door and followed it to what was to be Rilish’s private chambers. As we entered, it became clear what we were dealing with… A Lich. Rilish had brokered a deal with evil and had set himself up as a formidable foe. Attempts at parley seemed to fail both sides as Taresha’s anger boiled over into action. Backed by three gargoyles that weakend all around them, the battle was joined.
I dropped a Winter’s Wrath that covered the vast majority of the room, slowing down all the creatures. Lady Ana, as was her way at the time rushed in and tied up both the Lich and two of the Gargoyles. Taresha had set herself up in a corner and continued her sibling rivalry with shot after shot. The remainder of our party remained tied up in the doorway with the remaining Gargoyle that made Lady Wandra’s life very hard.

“In retrospect, I should have seen the differences. While powerful, this creature we saw as Rilish was no Lich, close, but as they say, no cigar. There were other clues, but we were young and impetuous. In the end the creature fell, but it did not crumble to dust or disappear as one would expect from a Lich. On closer examination, with the mask and robes removed it became clear. Not only was it not a Lich, but it was not even Rilish as this former creature was a human.

“We set to looting. Yes, looting Vismont, no need to sound shocked. In those day your Lord Commander was not above a bit of looting. I had just found about my destiny and had not quite embraced the Order as a real entity. Besides, nothing wrong with a bit of treasure earned at the business end of a Frostburn.

“Lady Wandra having a bit of skill with locks, set to the three chests. It was a good haul. Plenty of gold, platinum and a fair bit of gems too. On the third chest the Lady must have missed the trap, for when she opened it the blinding light flashed across the room and she was gone. To say the least the remaining members of the already depleted party were a bit concerned.

“Some arcane sleuthing between myself, Master Zakiti, and Lady Ana we were able to trace her signature. Interestingly enough I was able to determine that she did not go to the location she was suppose to. Something had intercepted the arcane transport and taken her to another location. One that I feared was much worse.

“Wanting some additional data before trying to follow Lady Wandra I cast History Revealed on the proto-lich to see if we could get anything useful. I wasn’t sure if it would work on the dead if they were previously dead or undead so you can imagine my surprise when the visions came. It seems the former Lorthar Helven had several memories he wished to share. His most shocking was becoming a proto-lich under the guidance or Rilish. A dark act to be sure. He also had memories of joining the Ashen Covenant… More on that later…, Lorthar’s spilling continued with his corruption to the service of the Necromancer sometime after his knighthood for the Kingdom of the Isles. His last major memory, one that he shared with the party, the fight to his death.

“Between the visions and Lady Ana’s history and given the specific type of Gargoyles we encountered it was clear that a militant Orucs Cult, The Ashen Covenant, had risen up since the Spell Plague to fill an evil vacuum in the north. An north is where Lady Wandra’s signature sent us.

“We gated into the furnace, not more than half an hour behind the missing Lady. It was hot, hotter than I have ever been and still in this material plane. Although we had no proof, we are sure following the maps that had entered Mt. Doom itself. After searching and a bit of endure elements ritual from Lady Ana we found Lady Wandra in a type of throne room. She remained calm and cool while the remaining four of us were drenched. As she was often seen from that time forward, Lady Wandra seemed to have a close affinity to her new mace.

“What? Master Zakiti? Of course he wasn’t sweating. Silly Git, man is made of crystal, of course he didn’t sweat, but the heat was oppressive enough that he too was effected. If there are no more interruptions, the I would like to continue Mr. Vismont.

“We explored what we could, which wasn’t a lot and only found an odd unadorned temple. A glass box of unknown material and a blue flame was the only feature. Lady Taresha’s keen eyes had found a seem and Lady Ana’s strong back moved the box to reveal a very dark, very cool, and very deep whole. The dropped sunrod fell and fell and fell until we could no longer see the light, but no sound of contact was ever heard.

“We returned back to Rilish’s private chambers via Arcane means, after establishing another transportation circle at the mount. A brief discussion and we opted to return home. We had been gone for three weeks on travel and we wished to re-organize and plan or next steps.

“Very much to all of our surprise that when we returned home it appeared that we had arrived at a tournament. Large tents and pavilions were standing within the grounds and our Foreman, Richard, seemed out of place acting as a de facto Majordomo. It seemed we had visitors.

“We quickly changed garb and bathed having been in the field we were in no condition to take on visitors. Richard had told us that the two parties were the Númenórean and a smaller Order of Research contingent. Lady Ana greeted the Númenóreans but was reproached from being ‘just’ a female adventure, they had come it seems to see me. These were not just Númenóreans, but Knights of the Phoenix Guard and they have come to swear the allegiance to me of all things. The standard caveats applied about the King and such, but within those loose guidelines the new Phoenix Guard were at my call. We worked up a quick liaison capability so that an interface with the Guard could be maintained.

“Next the three members of the Order arrived. They stated that Isengard was ready to reveal itself and I only had to go there to move good and righteousness forward. We discussed the current events and ways to speed access with an arcane gate, but I knew my time of being a ‘free spirit’ was coming to an end.

“Finally, Richard came to us and let us know about ‘The Spirits’ as he called them. It seemed that shortly after we left that everyone in the local began having nightmares and that voices and sounds could be heard on the wind. And it seemed that it was all centered on the well in the courtyard. Well, poor Master Zakiti had placed that mysterious orb there for safe keeping. Not safe enough it would seem.

“We set up watch and had our opportunity to see and speak with these ‘Spirits’. As Master Zakiti had feared, they were the Shardminds that were collected to the stone. Something or someone had pushed or pulled them away and they were in pain. My immediate thoughts ran to the Baron. Lady Ana’s betrothed had wanted the orb for some nefarious purpose and can only assume this was the start.

“And that is a story for another day. I’m tired Vismont and my voice is cracking… Get me a heated brandy if you please…”

5 March 2012
And the Plot Thickens

from the journals of wandra butler

Leave the party alone for a few minutes to get yourself together, and they pick up another stray. At least this one I know about if just a little. Storm is head of the warrior order of the mages, and is married to the head of the witches. (Who we are currently in debt to) He seems to have a strong sword swing and can manouver fairly well. But to get back to the subject I was so easily distracted from. It seems that Taresha’s elder brother has or will soon ‘assend’. To what is anyone’s guess but I guess we will find out. We also found out that the Drow, or at least one tribe of them are helping him. The younger sister of the queen is not happy with her sisters rule and wants us to take her sister off the throne. Through aggressive negotiations of course. We have also learned that a threat long since locked away because of the spell plagues, might be resurfacing. If nothing else perhaps it will lead us to a nice fat dragon horde.

My companions are all in a state of change. I at one time thought that I knew them fairly well. Apparently things have been changing and I need to pay more attention to those around me. What is even stranger is that many of us in the party have picked up sentient weapons. What their sentience is from or why is yet unknown. My grief over Moriatis has faded somewhat, it is not as crippling as it was before. To have lost the child as well was also a blow, but to then be inhabited by Morgana was chilling. Valendil has been scarce. I think he should have created Mori just to give him a vacation. All of his running around seems to have made him cranky.

Again off the subject. Well in exploring the hill we are in we found an Insubtantial Beholder, all by it’s lonesome in a little room. We gently closed that door and went around. Not like us really as we usually go in head first and worry about the consequences later, but still we closed the door. In going around the room we found another full of wights that just about got the better of us. Ana managed to unlink them from the crystal they were forming by siphoning off their essence. It was smaller then the one we found in the shadowfell, but still big enough to be a great pommel stone for Ana’s weaopn. Then we found the drow sitting calmly waiting for us with her little scheme. She even had the audacity to say that it took us long enough. While deciding what to do we found the ‘statues’. They were really people. Eladrin, elf and human statues that had after being petrified had their necks broken or cut, so that even if someone with remove affliction could cure them or petrification, they would die. It was clever but vicious and cruel.
19 Feb 2012
Enter the Storm

… We finished the statues. I felt it was a tougher battle then others, but I also felt the surge of power if I could only rest… Alas… Not so soon. Our options were limited and our course seemed obvious to head down into the depths that this ‘hill’ was hiding. Our journey took us on a winding trail to a circular stair that descended down. At the bottom we found an odd ‘road’ under the hill that ended at a set of double doors. In front of the doors were a collection of lizards, tethered to a post. These lizards are common pack animal for the Drow as I was informed by Taresha.

As we approached the animals, a human in armor and armed with swords stepped from the shadow. He claimed his name was ‘Storm’ and was following the Drow. Since our paths seemed to be in the same direction we joined forces for the short term.

We opened the double doors and found a Drow and a pair of Mezzo-Demons. Immediately Lord Fauntleroy charged to confront a demon while our new ally Strom threw his sword. Storm announced that the Drow had the mark of Cormaeril on his shield. This seemed to have sparked something in Fauntleroy, something in his every twisted past I am sure. The battle was quick work, with Taresha providing superior firepower in eliminating our foes.

We quickly took to searching the area, desperate to find a clue as to what was plaguing the villages. In a kitchen we found a female human sowing that stated that Lord Rilsh would not be happy with them being present. At this Taresha seemed to be in two minds. She stated that Rilish was in fact her brother, but was uncertain how/why he was a Lord in some underground domain. The kitchen wench said that Lord Rilish was no longer an elf as Taresha but had… Transcended.

We left her to her sewing and continued our search finding a storage room and a servant quarters. Returning back to our starting location we entered the last remaining door. We found a large ornate room with pillars and an alter at the far end. A priest was performing some perverse ritual while a large blue toad demon protected him. Our way ahead seemed clear.

We joined battle with these foes. The four of us seemed well suited to this, but suddenly the tide changed with a Drow assassin appeared and an additional large beast. What was to be a quick battle became a long slog into the night. Tarasha found herself surrounded multiple times and had to keep switching bow to sword to bow as the fiends continued their assault and she eventually fell in battle. Lord Fauntleroy was able to revive her as well as Storm helping with some healing capabilities of his own. My last daily , Bigsby’s Hand, finally paid its upkeep by crushing the damaged priest. After Second Winds and depleting our abilities, Storm was able to put down the final assassin so we could get a reprieve.

We are all spent. I need to rest, but I am afraid we will not have that opportunity as we are in the middle of hostile terrain with some ‘Lord’ and his dark purpose unknown.

Excerpt from The Adventures of My Days
Serge D’Amours, Master-Commander Order of Research

Break Break
Sorry this was so late….


8 Jan 2012
Consequences of messing with time…
1 January 2012
On to Numenor

The battle was hard fought and at no time was the outcome a foregone conclusion. What exactly had happened to both Ana and Fauntleroy was not adequately explained, but I had other concerns at the moment. The party had somehow acquired before my arriving a splendid artifact. A unique item called the Ashen Crown that allowed me, with time, to conduct a ritual to bring Wandra back from the death that was so wrongly inflicted upon her by the demons that were desecrating the order’s headquarters.

Finishing our rest and being properly restored we started our inspection of the facility. After finding some private quarters we found another of the large obsidian lizard statures in a room with several doors. Oddly these doors were all locked, except to me and my medallion that I had since my arrival at the Academy. Our first door we entered brought me into a room filled with smoky, dark mirrors. Upon entering a ghost of an elderly member of the order, dressed in full plate appeared. He announced that he had watched over me since finding me on the field of battle and presenting him to the magic academy to start my education.

As surprising as this was, it was even more surprising when he announced that I was the new leader of the Order of Research and it was my responsibility to move it forward in the current age. To that end he presented me with the items of my station. A staff of great power and robes fit for an arch mage. My first decision that the ghost presented to me as head of the order. I could right one of two major wrongs in the past that had significant impact on the balance between the good/evil or take the full mantle as leader of the order and wake my new lieutenants and there charge of knights.

I informed the party of what was happening and discussed the pros and cons of either fixing the Dark Night that sent Fauntleroy and the nation he served into the darkness haunted by the undead or going to Numenor to prevent the king from releasing the daemon armies and setting himself up as an empire of a twisted mind. The debate was short, with me listening to the wise council of my peers. Concerns were discussed of inadvertent consequences of meddling in the time that has passed. In the end, the decision was mine and mine alone. The greater evil, from my prospective, was the demon plague that corrupted Numenor and threatened the modern world. That would be where we strike.

To prepare us, the ghost presented tools that we could use to satisfy our mission. These included the Family blade from House Fauntleroy, LightBringer, as well as the ancient banner of the same. In addition a Gem Bow for Taresha that had a string of braided unicorn hair. An armor of exotic Crysteel mesh that fitted well to Lihi, and a strange, mystical orb that called (or screamed) to our friend Zakiti. It was the first time our hard friend showed significant emotion since our first meeting. Also the mighty Avenger, a doubl-bladed bastard sword for Ana. Finally, the mace. Although I had my doubts do to the malevolence that it projected, Wandra took it for her own as it seemed to be attuned to her needs for a new implement.

With the party ready we gave the ghost our decision on saving Neumenor. Our task it seemed was to prevent Morganna from completing her spell as she stood in her casting circle, protected by her son Mordred. At that point we appeared in a corps of trees with the fog dissipating around us. A plan of action was quickly developed. I cast Arcane Gate to provide an entrance into the main pavilion undetected. At that point the rest of the party advanced into the tent.

Morganna was within the power circle conducting her ritual. In addition to Mordred, three of his elite guards were present. Lihi was able to cast a spell to push Morgaine out of the circle and knock her to the ground. However this seemed to upset her more than anything as she cast Prismatic Spray on the party, rendering all of them Dazed except for Zakiti. It was then that I moved into the tent and cast Dispel Magic on the power circle, removing any chance of Morganna from competing the ritual.

While the party fought to recover from being dazed (a fight that Lord Fauntleroy never won), Zakiti and I continued to send damage toward Morganna. With Wandra’s recovery her ability to turn Ana into a demonic beast was triggered. As disconcerting as it is to see her transformed, it was welcome to have this demon on our side. Wandra also cursed Mordred and one of his guards to place blows on his own mother.

At this point the doors of the tent opened, but instead of fresh troops entering the battle, two tall figures stood and watched. Ana taunted one, the Nazgûl Dwar. I did not think it wise, but then Ana gets turned into a daemon on a regular basis and that doesn’t seem wise to me either, especially for a Paladin. The other was a great of a man dressed in dark plate with a full great sword. They watched, but, luckily did not interfere.

Ana the daemon begin swinging and brought down destruction on Morganna who vanished from the tent. At that time we began our withdrawal. I exited the arcane gate, only to be ambushed by four lowly troops of Morganna. The party continued our extraction, with Chauncey, dragging poor Lord Fauntleroy. Once clear we were teleported back to the Order’s keep.

At once we could something was wrong, especially for Wandra. I was not sure what we had accomplished so we headed back to the outside world to see what, if anything had happened. Wandra began to become more and more withdrawn from the party until we meet the mysterious man at the keep’s entrance. To me he looked like a brother to Wandra’s husband, but there seemed to be some discussion on split bodies. At last Wandra confessed that she had lost her connection to her husband. The stranger announced that he never existed, because there was no need to create him with Numenor never falling. Then Mistress Wandra exclaimed that he had to exist because she was bearing his child.
To say the least, I was confused. I only hope that we did not do more damage than good by trying to reset the balance.

Put down by my hand, your most humble and obedient servant,
Serge D’Amours – Master of the Order of Research

OK… I’m sure I missed stuff so feel free to fill in and clean up the whole Baby Daddy drama!


Dec 11, 2011
Into the Temple of Uultimon!

After our run-in with the two member’s of the Dark Lord’s “Monster Squad”, we take a moment to rest and then set about exploring the area. Much of the temple had collapsed but we did find the long abandoned temple stable behind one door and the remnants of a barracks behind another. With nothing of significance nor a way to delve further into the temple complex in either of these areas, we turned our attention to the door where the beast known as “Frank” was attempting to bash his way into the temple.

Examining the door we find that someone had inscribed it with a red symbol – the symbol of Orcus cultists. “Great” I think to myself. “That’s all we need is to throw Orcus into the mess that is plaguing Calidor”. Not to be deterred, Ana and myself throw ourselves at the task of forcing the door open. It took a considerable effort, but we were able to succeed where “Frank” had failed. Beyond the newly unsealed door we come across several rooms that once served the residents of this place. A kitchen, officer quarters and even a privy were all found just inside the tower but nothing of real value was found as none of these areas had seen use in a great many years.

Again finding ourselves with but one option, we round the corner of the corridor and take a stairwell descending into the bowels of the temple ruins. We proceeded with are usual amount of caution, though several of us felt an unusual level of disquiet as we made our way deeper into the earth. Serge and Wandra both commented that it almost felt like we had crossed into an extra dimensional space. Be that as it may, we had no choice but to push deeper into the temple.

Pressing on, we eventually find ourselves at the bottom of the stairs with a door blocking further progress. However, upon this door was another symbol – this one being the mark of The Order of Research. With no lock or even handles it would seem the symbol was going to be our means to open this portal. Fortunately for us, Serge had recovered a symbol of the order in a previous adventure and when he came forward and presented it to the door, it opened and granted us entrance.

Beyond the door we find a small round chamber with a large, black glass-steel reptile dominating the center of it. As it did not move at our approach, we examined it closer and saw that it stood upon a platform that bore a plaque declaring this beast as the guardian of the order. “Well, whatever befell the order, this guardian was unable to ward against it” I though to myself as we worked our way to the far end of the room. We readied ourselves for anything as we opened the door.

The door opened into what can only be described as a mammoth concourse – some 20’ wide and at least 100’ long! The ceiling at our end of the hall started roughly 30’ above us but the ceiling got higher the further down you went. Balconies lined the way with the first ones near us about 20’ up, but as the ceiling rose, so did they. As we walked down the corridor, shadowy figures would appear on the balconies behind us. They did not make any threatening gestures, they merely watched as we made our way deeper into the temple.

As we got to the end of the hallway, it opened into a huge 60’ diameter room. The ceiling was near 60’ high and there was a ledge running along the top of the room maybe 50’ up from where we stood. Upon this ledge, two winged demons stood staring down on us wondering why we were intruding upon their domain. When we asked what had happened to the order, they claimed that they were weak and had swept them aside to claim the temple as their own. Of course we were not about to have any of this and drew our weapons to fight them.

The demons flew down from their perch to engage us while the shadowy figures drew bows and started raining arrows down upon our heads. I called for Chauncy to break out the assault carpet as I feared that we would need our own airborne capabilities with two winged adversaries to deal with. To add to the havoc, two other bug-like demons began to shoot lightning down the hallway at us. Ana and I battled with the demons while Zakiti, Serge, Taresha and Wandra tried to take out the archers above. Before long though, yet another threat emerged as smaller demons started appearing off to our right upon the ledge and rushed down a stairwell to join in the battle.

With all this going on, things had not yet gotten truly desperate until the larger demon grabbed Ana, flew up to the ceiling and then dropped her. She fell to the ground with a sickening thud and we all knew that she was dead. I jumped on the flying carpet to fly up and engage the demon so as to avenge her death but as I closed to make my first attack, Ana had sprung up off the floor as if nothing had happened. I think this sight distracted me as I must have let my guard down and the demon hammered me with its weapon. I felt a great burst of pain and then everything went black.

I awoke a short time later hovering near the ground, still upon the flying carpet. Ana had fought her way upstairs by the sounds of it and poor Wandra lay dead against one wall of the room, and her head by another. While I was out, the party had fought well though and while we paid dearly in blood, the fight was turning in our favor. Mustering my strength, I leaped back into the fray and before long we had vanquished last of the demon spawn.

Serge suggested that we merge the segments of the Ashen Crown so that we could use its power to bring Wandra back from the dead. Of course we all agreed promptly and assembled the pieces together so Serge could complete the ritual to fuse them back together. With this done, Serge turned his attention to Wandra and invoked the power of the Ashen Crown to restore her to life. With Wandra back with us, we sat and contemplated our next move…

Nov 27 2011
Wow are we in trouble

Aftermath of the Temple of Ukko, and onward from there. We fcound ourselves finally all together in the great library of the research arm of the mages. After defeating the frost giant, and two hill giants. We found assorted coins and treasures. One of which was a frost axe, and a small stattuete. The dwarf running the facility gave us a feast and 50 platinum each. He also offered to upgrade or make an item of metal for us as this is where the forge for the order of research is. After an evening of feasting we left for the manor house. Just 5 days later we reached it and found out how much work had already been done. Lihi, Wandra, and Fauntleroy went shopping for linens, a wagon and food for the manor’s pantry. Ana worked on the manor itself and went to the local magic guild for a linked portal and arcane lock scrolls. She had found out that any spell of linked portal and arcane lock sustained for a year and a day became permanent. We sat down as a group then and laid out what was on our plate. We decided that the standard of Fauntleroy’s kingdom and his sword were to be a priority, and since they were in Calidor we could also rescue King Exeter and his Queen. Then see about getting the king’s sister free of the dark prince. And since we were in the realm check in with the crown princess as well. So Serge set up the portal and lock. We arrived in the realm and checked in with the Princess, and started our journey to the temple that held the standard and sword. Apparently the dark prince gave over his gracious protection of his in-laws to the Baron Verthane. He is the Vampire Lord. This is not a good thing to have the king and his queen as his guests. So we head out to the temple ruins that hold the relics of the past. Maybe there is even more that can be salvaged from the temple. As we approached the temple all was quiet. Rounding the corner of the ruined castle and the drawbridge we found out that we were not the first ones here in awhile. Two monsters pounded fiercely on the doors to get in to the one tower that remained standing. A flesh golem and a ghoul. Little did we know that these creatures are under the control of Baron Verthane. After a fierce battle the ghoul lay dead and the flesh golem fled. Funny though even in the thick of battle Anna Gets a proposition of marriage from none other than said Baron.

Nov 13 2011

The party continues their exploration of the Temple of Ukko.

From Wandra…

On November 13, 2011 at 09:22 PM HeatherWalz said:

As the fight between our group and the rust monsters ends, we hear fighting coming from down the corridor. Two voices one male and one female. A thud is heard, and the battle seems to end. Fauntleroy and Lihi stay behind to get him back into his armor and harvest parts from the rust monsters. The rest of us rushed down the hall and threw open the door. Imagine our surprise when we see a petite elf like person being held against the wall by a small Beholder. The battle raged, and as it seemed that we were going to get the upper hand it would use an eyebeam on us. Taresha became blinded then dominated, and started to play a game of marco polo with the party. Zakiti became winded and took a nap(sleep ray). Finally we defeated the dread monster and found out that it was wearing two objects. One was a jewel bracelet worth 1.200 gp and the second was a grace ring of lightning (see me for specials). We then were able to question the petite woman being held captive. Her name is Cymoril. She looks elven but is not. Around her neck is a choker that seems to be restraining or keeping dormant a power or powers. She doesn’t remember where she is from or who her people are but she thinks she was a queen. Serge cast a ritual, Reveal History, we saw different pictures of her past. One of the pictures showed Anna’s mom and aunt. She led us to the forge and in the cooling barrels, we found little silver bracelets with battle axe charms.(see me for details) From the next floor down we heard crashing and gnawing of stone. Guess what we found at the bottom of the stairs. That’s right we found a monster. And not just any monster but a Behir. The Behir fought with us back and forth up the stairs, Anna became a demon from Wandra’s power. Then the Behir did something stupid. It ate Anna. She hacked her way out of the beast. Taresha and I harvested the skin and got 5,000gp in components. We found on that level a museum of armor and arms. Finally we went down to the next level and encounter three giants, one of whom was a frost giant, they were destroying the great library. The giants were destroying the library. After much tribulation we prevailed against the giants and saved as much of the library as possible. We have also invited Cymoril to join us on our journey.


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